About Unie KBO

Unie KBO

The Association of Catholic Organisations of
Senior Citizens in the Netherlands

Seniors comprise a growing, highly varied group of people in Dutch society. The seniors of today are generally more vital, have greater financial power and remain independent longer than in the past. However, there are still many senior citizens, particularly single older women and minorities, who have to make ends meet with a subsistence-level income. Many senior citizens have become more self-confident and vocal. Nonetheless, society’s views on senior citizens is still stereotypical. Senior citizens count their blessings, but they also note that welfare does not necessarily mean well-being. They are concerned about issues such as loneliness.

In the social and political discussion about the increasing aging of society, the emphasis is on ageing as a financial problem. Insufficient attention is devoted to the important contributions senior citizens have to offer society. Increasingly, the Dutch government is formulating its policy around wealthier, vocal citizens. As a result, vulnerable senior citizens are in jeopardy of getting squeezed, time and time again. The business community has already found its way to the new consumer group of vital senior citizens, but manufacturers and suppliers still give insufficient consideration to the desires and requirements concomitant with an aging society.

Unie KBO, The Association of Catholic Organisations of Senior Citizens, the largest senior citizen organisation in the Netherlands, advocates a society in which all people feel at home. Since 1952 Unie KBO promotes the interests of senior citizens and develops a range of activities and services for them, considering the needs and desires of various groups of senior citizens.

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